World of Warcraft guild on the Nagrand-EU server.


High Mercenaries

Classic guild on the Mirage-Raceway-EU server.


High Mercenaries Guild Information. 

High Mercenaries is a 'casual' World of Warcraft guild for adults (18+).

The guild was formed in 2009 on the Nagrand-EU server. (Now Nagrand, Kilrogg & Runetotem).
The guild's aim is to help people to progress through the latest end game content.

The guild has evolved along with the game and has been home to many raid teams over the years.

The guild provides a place in WoW for people to meet new friends and to take advantage of guild perks and the social aspects of the game, such as group scenarios' and traiding.

The guild has a World of Warcraft community group called High Mercenaries Friends

If you would like to join High Mercenaries guild in World of Warcraft or WoW Classic, join the community or use the "/who" list in-game to contact one of our guild members. Alternatively you can join the Discord to request an invite.


The guild Discord Server and the High Mercenaries Friends community group are for guild members and friends only.

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